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Building a building is easy. But building a sound reputation is the key.

A real estate company for 2 decades, HAM Enterprises has a long, really long, list of happy customers. Today, thousands of people live and work with delight in spaces created by us. This is what we have earned – relationships.

These relationships have been built and nurtured by our uncompromising commitment to delivering what we have promised year after year, project after project.

Our Chairman Shri Ajay Jain has been involved in the real estate business over the last 2 decades and got actively involved with development of real estate in the last 2 decades.

HAM business philosophy & practices have found trusted subscribers not only in Udaipur and other parts of India but also across the world.

We think that perfectionism erodes you but the commitment to Excellence builds you up! We have proven ourselves to be the best Real Estate builder. The sky scraping standards in construction, the highest satisfaction level in customers, and on-time delivery has made us stand out from any other Real Estate builders. 

We are not only the fastest-growing entities in Real Estate but also an asset for the welfare of society and the environment. The standards which we hold on skillfulness is unparalleled in the sector. We, as a company have obtained steady development and years of expansion to nurture ourselves in the industry. In the market of rocket prices of Real Estate, we only emphasize customer satisfaction.


Brand (company name) began its operations with the aim of redefining the entire urban real estate picture in the state of (state name) and within a short span of time we have been touching each milestone. The brand aspires to always rank amongst the top of real estate construction companies. As Brand (company name) has been recognized for providing safe, reliable and ingenious residential and commercial projects and long-term investment opportunities, it is and will always be committed to excellence.


The mission of our company is to touch the lives of as many as possible. With just not the right infrastructure but also by setting high-end standards in the Real estate industry. The Paradigm of ethics, social responsibility and meeting the needs of millions of lives is our sole mission.

Our Core Values :


We have always strived to meet the expectations of our customers. Mindfully, being Customer-Centric means that we build, create, and design the best for our customers only.


We have proved ourselves reliable by keeping our on-time promises and respect within our people. Not only our customers but to our workforce too.

Adherence to Excellence

We have always stood by our ideology. Effectively that has made our company stand out from others. For us, the terms commitment and excellence go hand in hand.


It simply means to deliver a strong message. Our company has always set an example in society by providing the best infrastructure, elegant designs and comfort to the best level. This makes us produce more business and repeat too.

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